One Last Goodbye (A Tara Mills Mystery—Book Five)

One Last Goodbye




In the series finale, a couple goes missing in a seemingly safe lake community and all that’s left behind is a posed photo of them taken on the night they disappeared. At first, police try to unravel who had seen them last and ultimately who took the picture. But when another couple disappears a few days later, with a similar photo left behind, they soon realize something much more sinister is at play. Someone within the close-knit community is not who they seem.

FBI Agent Tara Mills is quickly called in. As she tries to unravel the events leading up to each disappearance, she uncovers that everyone within this seemingly perfect town has their secrets. Tara suspects that whoever is responsible is someone everyone trusts and is lurking right under their noses. She must trust her instincts now more than ever. And with Warren still in the hospital, and Tara assigned a new partner, she fears that she’s no match for this killer without him.

Meanwhile, Tara’s wedding day is right around the corner and so is her meeting with her half-brother who holds another secret to her past. Tara is eager to meet him in the hopes that it will help her close the door to her past for good. But as she soon learns that she faces her most difficult case yet, and as she begins to question her half-brother’s intentions, she fears that everything will come crashing down, right before her wedding.